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Texture 8oz.



No VOC Texture is a novel product in the world of embossing, raised effects, altered arts, filling of wood and creating unique effects over almost any surface. Texture ? Smooth- is thick and versatile. When dry it is easy to stain, sand, paint, drill, cut, varnish, etc. Texture gives raised effects to wood or on walls. It can be applied with a pallet knife or fingers, freehand or with a stencil. Texture has some sawdust in the formula which blends into the object you are putting it on. This gives a hard wood surface when dry. It accepts stains and doesn’t shrink when placed in holes or cracks. Since it is water based, if it does dry out, simply place more water in the jar and it will renew itself overnight. Perfect Paint, Pigment and even Varnish can be mixed into the Texture for color and/or flexibility. The Stain/Sealer can also be blended in for color as well.