Red Rooster Antique Mall 1635 Main Street, Freeland, WA 98249 (360) 331-0150
How We Got Started - The Red Rooster Antique Mall was created from a quest to find Depression Glass creamers to match the sugar bowls Family members had left us.  So the search began to find the mates.  This evolved over the years into an appreciation and love for Antiques.  Upon retirement, we realized that our love had become a passion and we opened our first Antique Store. Twenty one years later that passion is still alive, we love the thrill of the hunt, finding the unusual and discovering a new love of making the old look new again.  Our motto is Refresh, Renew and Recycle.  Our newest love is Earth Safe Finishes as we love how they refresh and renew old, tired furniture and home decor.   

(Oh, we actually found the mates to those sugar bowls and they have a prominent place in our home.)